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Help improve living standards for local families by providing eco friendly maintenance, renovation or construction, of their mud homes and community facilities.

Even if you have never built anything before, you can learn, as you participate in our program which will use eco friendly Tapial or Rammed Earth construction methods. This green building project is good for the environment and good for the people who will get to use it. You’ll immerse yourself in Peruvian culture in a very unique way!

This week, spend your time and effort to help out at a local children’s home in Peru and be a part of improving the lives of the physically and mentally disabled children from the streets. In this placement, you can help the children by teaching, helping in daily therapy sessions, and day to day activities at the centre where your help and presence will be appreciated and highly valued.

Life for women and children in Perú is harsh and oftentimes they can barely afford daily expenses, so it is common for them to accept basic and or unhealthy living conditions such as open cooking fires, cold water showers or non, rubbish and living quarters left in bad condition for long periods of time. This is also reflected into the communal areas such as schools, churches, clinics and common facilities. Even though 60% of the houses are built in the traditional low cost adobe or tapial methods, maintenance budgets for these structures is rarely considered as a priority.

This is where we saw a way to help!

By providing materials and helping them to repair, renovate or build their traditional Tapial mud homes or communal facilities, and using the donated labour from our participants, we are able to assist the community to achieve this aim.

With renovated Tapial homes and training they’ll be able to offer accommodation to rural tourists, allowing them to generate an income. At the same time, we provide an opportunity for you to engage with the community and learn more about them firsthand, as you complete these construction tasks. It is a mutually beneficial exchange!!

In addition, our program aims to revive tradition of the mud homes and to spread awareness of its benefits. Besides it’s unique look and feel, mud houses preserve warmth and cooling much better than much of its modern counterpart (concrete buildings) and it is actually a much better fit for the Peruvian weather.

Adobe structures are generally self-made through simple construction practices that do not require as much work. Skilled technicians (e.g. engineers and architects) are not required, hence it is described as “non-engineered construction”. Your efforts will improve family homes, community halls and will help to create the first English as Second Language School for the community children.

May to October
Participants may be engaged in segments or the mud house construction process in its entirety, depending upon the length of program service.

Under the supervision of the “maestro de obra” and local workers you will be “hands on” helping in activities such as:

Tracing the building lines in the property
Helping setting up the foundations
Digging on soil to mark fundations
Setting up of the first wooden clamps/mold frames
Mud filling and compacting of soil/mud into clamps/mold frames
Uncovering/unmolding clamp/mold frames
Participants will also be taught the ancient techniques of wall finishing with no paint. Instead they will be shown the process of using mud fine granite.

November to April
This is the rainy season, which means that you’ll likely be taking part in activities to help this program through light restoration and indoor construction in the communal areas, such as schools, churches, health care facilities and community centers, as well.

* This schedule can be changes or amended depending on weather or local circumstances

About The Location

Peru is the third largest country in South America; a country known for its incredible cultural heritage such as the renowned Machu Picchu and the remains of the Inca Empire.

Although the Incasare the most famous ones, there are other manifestations of pre-Columbian cultures and unexplored archaeological sites which can be located in the North of Peru. This magnificent land composed of a variety of landscapes, climates, and biodiversity, is visited by tourists from all over the world.

In Peru, it is possible to enjoy a range of activities from surfing on the Northern beaches to hiking in the Andes Cordillera, trekking in the humid and hot Amazon rainforest visiting cultural sites, and excellent museums, and enjoying traditional dishes.

Peruvian people are very friendly, warm, and ready to help or to introduce you to their customers. You will find in this region a great diversity of ethnic groups, festivities, handcraft, and gastronomy. Peru is a country of contrasts where the crazy traffic is surpassed by the majesty of mountain ranges. You will find cities peaking at altitudes of more than 6700 meters, infinite beaches with
beautiful sunsets, the magically diverse landscape of the tropical rainforest, and let’s not forget about the llamas.


you will be staying in the district of Puyllucana which is a small village found in the east-northern part of Cajamarca.

It is a beautiful location with great weather and friendly locals. Located only a short distance away from Cajamarca city (Capital and largest city in Peru’s Cajamarca region, enriched in culture and history),
this quiet location provides a relaxing atmosphere after a day out.

The accommodation has a beautiful view of the Andes Mountain Range and is close to the Amazon Rainforest, it will bring you back to South American nature!

About the Accommodation

You will be staying in our accommodation center in Puyllucana, Rural Cajamarca countryside.

The house is made with traditional materials such as adobe and stone, it also has a large garden. Wi-Fi will be available only in common areas. We recommend also using 3G data if staying connected is important to you.

All participants are expected to be environmentally aware and to use all resources with restraint, especially water, paper, and electricity.

Although rooms will be cleaned daily by staff, you will be expected to clean up after yourself, and to play your part to keep accommodation neat and organized.

Food Arrangements

The food will be typically Peruvian meaning lots of corn, beans, rice, chili peppers, potatoes, wheat, and other grains, all very vegetarian friendly. Keep in mind that some local dishes may be spicy!

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