Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Join our volunteer programs in Sri Lanka in 2023, where we have the best volunteering projects in Sri Lanka.

You can choose your own project, and combine different projects and create your own tailor-made unique Sri Lanka volunteer program!

You can start every Monday, and you can join from 1 week up to 8 weeks.

On the Monday of your first week, there is an orientation by our local team, so you can get comfortable with the surroundings as well as the local culture in Sri Lanka.

Location: Sri Lanka
Start Dates: Start every Monday
Duration: 1 week – 8 weeks

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Our Volunteering Projects in Sri Lanka

Culture Week

The Sri Lanka Culture Week is a program filled with Sri Lankan cultural experiences through visits, workshops, and more. This week will open your eyes to Sri Lankan culture, giving you an understanding of Sri Lanka and its people.

sri lanka KandyHaving Lunch


Join this wonderful teaching volunteering project at various kindergartens, schools, and special needs schools in and around Kandy, helping to improve the education of the children.

sri lanka teach teach


Help as a volunteer to improve the quality of the local communities in Sri Lanka working with less privileged families taking care of children, and spending time with differently-abled people.

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Get your hands dirty and help as a volunteer with renovating and restoring ancient temples, educational institutions, schools, and community centers in the city of Kandy.

sri lanka renovation Kandy Renovation Oct19 14


Join the medical project in Sri Lanka, and observe the day-to-day activities alongside a doctor or nurse at one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Kandy!

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Join this professional medical internship in Sri Lanka, this is an ideal opportunity for international medical students to get experience in the field.

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Become a volunteer helping with the conservation efforts for sea turtles. and become a part of the community involved in the conservation of marine life and its habitat.

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